Boats & Motors

All day on the lake shouldn’t

be a back breaking experience…

At End of Trail, we want your day on the water to be remembered with memories of fishing and relaxation, not pain and frustration. That’s why we take a special effort in supplying you with the best equipment.

Our boats and motors are all excellently maintained. When you arrive, you will find a boat already to go – tuned up, fuel topped off, safety equipment stowed away and sparkling clean.

We supply MicroCraft and Princecraft aluminum boats with 15hp, 4-stroke Yamaha outboard motors. Boats and motors are newer models.

For two people we offer the 14-foot MicroCraft boat with a 15 hp Yamaha Motor. For three people we have the 15-foot MirroCraft or 15-foot Princecraft Yukon 15 hp Yamaha Motor.

All boatsĀ are equipped with padded swivel seats and fish finders!

Boats come with all the safety equipment as per Transport Canada’s guidelines.

Boat Specifications and Equipment:

  • 14′ MicroCraft or Princecraft aluminum boat with 15hp, 4 stroke Yamaha motor
  • 15′ boat with 15 hp motor for groups of three
  • Fish Finders
  • Padded swivel seats
  • Set of paddles
  • Personal flotation device (vest style)
  • Waterproof flashlight
  • Safety heaving line
  • Bailing bucket
  • Whistle
  • Anchor